About Us

"Radman Company" is the Canadian branch of "Tavan Sabze Koohestan Company", which has more than 22 years of professional experience in Iran.
This company with its managers and experties, operates professionally in the field of design, implementation, maintenance and consulting of green spaces and landscape.

This company has a brilliant history in this field and based on it, Rodman Company was registered in Canada in 2022 and has now started its activities in the city of Vancouver.

Among the services of this company :

­č¬┤Lawn mowing and weed removal

­č¬┤Shaping, pruning trees and creating a green fence

­č¬┤Visiting your place and presenting a proposal

­č¬┤Preparation of suitable soil and fertilizer and preparation of planting bed

­č¬┤Design and implementation of drip and rain irrigation facilities

­č¬┤Preparing flowers and seeds and planting them

­č¬┤Planting and care of permanent and seasonal plants

­č¬┤Applying foliar application of macro and micro elements

­č¬┤Spraying poisons to control pests and plant diseases

­č¬┤Design and construction of fountains and ponds

­č¬┤Garden lighting

Leave your landscaping to our experts.

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