Mites are one of the most troublesome pests of the green space and they are one of those pests that do not touch any plant and are so-called polyphages, so it is very important to prevent and fight against them. When you look at the leaves of an ornamental plant or shrub infested with mites, you may not see any mites, but if you look under the leaves, you will encounter small insects that are calmly cutting leaves and feeding on your plant.

The problem caused by the presence of mites is not only that the leaves are eaten, but in the continuation of this process, as the air enters the inner parts of the leaf, colorless spots appear on the surface of the leaf, and over time, the beauty of the plant and your ornamental shrub will be reduced to a soulless and scary plant. will be converted.

Mites treatment solution:

If the progress of mites is not very severe and a limited number of leaves are infected, you should immediately remove the infected leaves to prevent the spread of the infection, but if the plant is completely damaged, the best solution is to use pesticides such as Talstar or Permethrin.

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