Aphids are opportunistic pests that are always present on the scene and can destroy plants. These small predators, like most green space pests, usually attack plants in groups and feed on the most vital substance of the plant, i.e. the sap, but the main problem with the presence of aphids is not only this, and the main disaster occurs when the aphids, after feeding, release a substance Get rid of the name honeydew!
Honeydew is an extremely suitable environment for the growth of black fungi that prevent photosynthesis and eventually lead to the death of the plant with the cooperation of aphids.

Aphid treatment solution:

For limited green spaces such as home gardens, the best and easiest way to eliminate aphids is to use a combination of soap and water. For this purpose, this compound can be sprayed on the surface of plants with the help of sprayers. (In very acute cases, stronger poisons should be used according to the opinion of botanical experts.)

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